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[headline_border]The future in tourism[/headline_border]

sawah offers reliable and up-to-date tourist information wherever and whenever you need it. You can access this information on GPS-supported digital tour-guides (smart phones), via pad computer, internet, on maps and brochures. sawah employs effective design-marketing, as well as providing environmentally friendly guidance for visitors. The system is fully up-to-date and utilizes the most advanced practice available in the field of sustainable tourism development.

sawah is suitable for all tourist destinations; it is especially useful for national parks, national monuments, biosphere reserves, nature parks and world heritage sites. sawah is also appropriate and highly useful as a visitor-resource in museums, zoos, stage-managed destinations and on recreational and adventure trails.

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[headline_border]Inter-active environmental education[/headline_border]

Expensive and complicated installation of sign-posts in the natural environment, as well as the vandalism such objects attract, may now be a thing of the past. Students of all ages will love learning about the natural world using smart phones and pad computers. This will enhance the efficiency of their learning experience, and at the same time boost young and old people‘s enthusiasm for understanding their surroundings in a way that is both fun and instructive.

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[headline_border]The digital pocket travel-guide[/headline_border]

Premium maps and satellite-navigation will lead you safely to the place of interest. The easy to use sawah application employs location-based services with a variety of media: it includes text, verbal information, video and pictures. Multimedia data on specific locations is the most advanced and up-to-date way of providing travel-information. sawah is also uniquely flexible, easy and mobile.

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[headline_border]HTML5 Mobile Web Apps[/headline_border]

Imagine one app that works for all iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry touch phones and tablets – simply & affordably!

The Mobile Opportunity

Corporations who implement an effective mobile strategy can significantly expand their exposure by reaching more customers using mobile devices. If your organization has a good mobile user experience customers will be engaged longer and be more inclined to return.

The Challenge

Users cannot effectively view desktop websites on a mobile device. Organizations are growing increasingly frustrated with native apps (Stores and Markets).Not only the initial high cost and complexity of development for each of the major platforms (Apple, Android, Windows and BlackBerry), but the cost of changes after launch. The other major challenge is getting recognized; machine apps are not SEO-friendly, whereas HTML5 web apps actually improve your Google ratings!

The Solution

We are at the leading edge of the growing movement towards HTML5 web app development and the increasing need to connect with your customers through mobile devices. One app works for all major platforms Apple, Android, Windows and BlackBerry touch phones and tablets and updates in real time with your  current website – eliminating the need  for costly manual updates. As global mobile marketing experts, selling to various countries, you can be confident that we can advise how to integrate traditional media and promotional campaigns with a highly effective mobile strategy. Reach out and engage an entirely new customer base in the fastest growing trend in the marketplace: HTML5 mobile web apps. Don’t be left behind! In addition and as per your requirements we also provide tailor made native applications for all major smartphone and tablet devices, including distribution via application stores (e.g. iTunes, Google Play).

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[headline_border]Selected INTEWO apps[/headline_border]


‎Erlesene Natur
‎Erlesene Natur


‎Erlesene Natur
‎Erlesene Natur


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