German-Oman cooperation

German-Oman cooperation
// Recording mainly took place at the GPS Nature Trail at the Externsteine //

SciTech TV, a magazine for science, technology and environment, is currently producing a documentation of the German-Oman cooperation between INTEWO, the Oman Ministry of Tourism and the Lippe District. The production team spent a full day with INTEWO during the presence of trainees from Sultan Qaboos University’s tourism department. The recording took place at the Externsteine monument and in INTEWO’s office. Additional recording will take place later this year in Oman. The documentation will be available on Oman TV and online.

Externsteine Nature Trail

Nathalie Keurmeur and Dr. Ulrich Hermanns (»Ausstellung Medien Transfer«), Stephan Radeck (Lippe Association), Elmar Brok (MdEP), Minister Ute Schäfer, Ute Koczy (MdB), Henning Schwarze (INTEWO) and the Chief of the Lippe Association Anke Peithmann during the opening ceremony (from left).

Interactive nature trails – INTEWO | World Habitat Society GmbH developed an innovative concept to provide environmental education at the Externsteine rock formation.

Visitors to the Externsteine monument can now experience the diverse nature and culture at the famous rock formation in the Teutoburger Forest with support of “invisible” nature trails. Smartphones and tablet computer provide guidance with the global satellite navigation system (GPS). Within the nature reserve the applications hosts multimedia information (e.g. movies, podcast, galleries, animations) for more than 20 points of interest.

Applications are available for iPhone and iPad, as well as for Android smartphones. In preparation to their visit to the monument visitors can download the applications for free to their personal devices and they will benefit from a personal multimedia guide. In addition tourists can rent iPads and outdoor smart phone devices at the Externsteine Information Center.

The application is available in English, German, French and Dutch. Special editions for children and “experts” complete the innovative offer.

The project, which has been implemented for the National Association Lippe has been funded by the European Union and received support from relevant local partners.